About Us


We are Coffee Roasters located in Big Island, Hawaii. Member of Hawaii Coffee Association. 

We offer freshly roasted specialty coffees to all coffee lovers around the world. All our coffees are roasted to order, shipping from Hawaii.

In order to provide the best Hawaii coffee, we worked with Local Coffee Farms in Kona and Ka’u District, the best places for coffee growing in Hawaii. “From Farm to Cup.” We are not only coffee roasters, but also your brewing supervisor and friends, always share our fabulous fresh coffee with you.

Our roasters are all SCA Certified, we are always learning and trying to keep our knowledge up to date. There are also Q Arabica Graders in our team. We will spare no efforts in providing the top-quality coffee.

Freshness is the most important thing to coffees. We recommend using coffee as soon as possible after you open the package.

To provide more convenience, the freshly roasted coffee beans will be stored in a small 4oz bags with resealable zipper and a valve, to keep the freshness and peak flavor. You don’t need to worry about storage any more.No matter your purchased 8oz or 12oz per order, we gonna put the roasted beans into separate 4oz bags. That means you could open another one once you finished your first bag, to obtain the best flavor and freshness of our fresh roasted coffee, even if you bought a lot one time.

If you have any questions, please go to our FAQ page.

Please enjoy the best flavor and our warmest greeting from Hawaii.

Hawaiian Lava Coffee